Kiracofe Memorial Tournament

Kiracofe Memorial Tournament

Online Registration Available

Friday-Sunday, July 7-9, 2017
Tournament Director- Tim Medema
Features- Men’s Open, AAA (NSA Silver & below, AA (NSA Bronze & below)  / Women’s Open & Lower (E & below)

Fee- $300.00 (No parking fees)
Registration Opens- May 1st
Registration/$ Deadline- June 30th

NSA balls and bats – Current
NSA Approved Bats & Balls

Brackets will be posted after Tuesday, July 4, 2017 after 5pm


Kiracofe Memorial Tournament — 13 Comments

  1. Robert, you can fill out the registration form on this site or on our Facebook page

  2. I would like to see the tournament do something “in memory” of my Uncle Burley…..the tournament has lost its whole reason for existence….can’t u make it special again?

  3. There has been a lot of talk about many of the gold and non sanctioned teams not playing this year due to the format of the divisions. What is going to happen when you have only a few teams for the Open Division?

  4. So you’re saying they all want to play down and if they can’t they’re not going to play. Bronze teams don’t want to play Silver; Silver don’t want to play Gold and Gold don’t want to play Elite. So, What is your suggestion. We are open to any good ideas.

  5. That’s what it sounds like. I was just curious as to if there is a plan for the Open Division if there are a couple teams. I know that whatever kind of decision is made there will be unhappy teams and complaints, which doesnt make it real easy for a director.

  6. Why not make it a USSSA Sanctioned tournament with a paid berth for the Worlds (of their choice)? Growing up in Kalamazoo and watching this tournament played from the time I could remember to the year I graduated HS in 1989, each year ALL the fields would be filled and the park jam packed with people parking on Woodward and Cobb St just so they could get a place to park. When I came back from the Army in 2001 to Recruit, I was shocked at the decline of what was and to see where it stands now really saddens me! I agree with the Nicole, bring back the “Memorial” of which the tournament stands for (especially because I’m still servicing) and the competivness that Bunca, Fire, Schupan and Sons, Pace and other GREAT TEAMS (both men and women) geared up and prepared for EACH YEAR.

  7. Wouldn’t that be great, I played from 1982 thru 2006, I have contacted USSSA and they are not interested. Unfortunately there are only about 10 teams of that quality in the state as the years you are talking about we had 64 “A” USSSA teams. the sponsorships are no longer there and many of todays teams don’t want to play against higher quality teams. You should also know that in the 80’s and 90’s there were waiting list for leagues every night, today there are open diamonds almost every night and some nights with no softball at all, there hasn’t been a top league in Kalamazoo for 4 years or more. There were only ASA and USSSA in the old days , now we have those plus NSA, GSL and they all are running tournaments every weekend.
    I will extend the same invitation to you that I did Nicole, we are open to any suggestions on how to improve this tournament, you can post here or email me at

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