Kiracofe Memorial Tournament

Kiracofe Memorial Tournament
Friday-Sunday, July 10-12, 2015
Tournament Director- Steve Wiley
Features- men’s & women’s, Tournament trophies to winners
Fee- $300.00 (No parking fees)
Registration Opens- May 1st
Registration/$ Deadline- June 30th
KAAF Kiracofe Registration Form 2015

KAAF Kiracofe Registration Form 2015 copy





NSA balls and bats – Current
NSA Approved Bats & Balls

Brackets will be posted July 7 after 5pm


Kiracofe Memorial Tournament — 23 Comments

  1. NSA only, as we basically use NSA rules. NSA bats and balls, 44/400 ZN balls are ok this year, not next year.

  2. Its under the brackets button, we had some problems uploading the brackets, sorry for the delay.

  3. The upper consist of 2 upper teams and 2 gold teams why not combined the tourney and have the 2 upper teams use metal bats no composite and Asa balls that would almost even out the playing field or scare the upper teams away and allow 2 lower teams in that wouldn’t have made it?

  4. Its very likely something like that will happen next year, had 2 upper teams drop out late so we didn’t change it this year.

  5. Why are we treating this like rocket science? Why are we allowing NSA gold division teams to play in the lower division? We are going to cripple a once great tournament by combining the elite teams in with the lower. You are going to lose a ton of teams and money. What needs to happen is to start forcing these gold division teams to play in upper. If they don’t like it let them find somewhere else to play. Wouldn’t we rather lose 4 or 5 teams than lose 18 to 20? Duh! No brainer. I see at least 3 teams that are NSA gold. Mellvilles, Team Ambush and T-Shirt printing plus. You would think that we would be more aware of this and force them to play where they should be. We come up with excuses and want to put it all as one but yet if you look at the past champions list, there wasn’t a problem with having two divisions then? Why is it all of a sudden a problem? Because someone is not doing their do dilagence and finding out what division these teams play and put them where they need to be.

  6. Just wondering why these same teams that used to be “D” and played in the lower are now called Gold and they have magically converted into something greater and should be moved to the upper division. I have paid due diligence and all these teams have played in the lower division for at least 5 years. This is a great Tournament and for many of its Greatest Years there was only “1” Men’s division. Class “A”, “B” & “C” classes all played together. What I can say is that next year the format will be very different due to the lack of upper division teams.

  7. sorry admin I have to agree with the above comment, the reason these teams are now Gold is because they have either gotten better and moved up or added players to make themselves better, I can agree changes need to be made but making it one tourney will nodoubt run out 10 teams easy but making upper gold/elite and lower silver/bronze/rec would balance your field and make the competition better, isnt this the exact reason that NSA went to different classifications to help make it more balanced??

  8. Well there will never be a good fix for this issue, the Gold teams don’t want to play the Elite teams and obviously you don’t want to play the Gold and the Bronze don’t want to play the Silver. So you want other teams to play up but not you don’t want your team to play up, seems a little self serving.

  9. You can have a team name and some players that they have may not be able to make it. So they have friends join and may not be as good. Or you can have a team name that’s a higher level ball team that loads up to play in this tourny. Either way checking the team will not help. It’s a paper roster nothing admin can really do about it besides make one division. Samething in Luther,irons,or any other paper roster tournament. Just have fun play ball and help raise money for a good cause

  10. I dont believe it is self serving in the least bit. Like watcher said this tournament is about raising money for a great cause, I love that about Kiracofe, thats why I worry if you drop the Elite teams down and make one tourny you will lose alot of the lower/league/pickup teams who dont want to come out and get embarassed. It just makes more sense to me (maybe I’m being narrow minded) to have the gold be in the upper and take a risk of losing a couple teams vs the potential 10 you might lose with combining the upper and lower. Imagine this next year street kids and plummbers are back in the field you going to have 22 Below HB Street Kids and PLummbers beating up on ASA E or NSA Bronze or even league teams, to me that would be enough to stay away. Like I said maybe I am looking at this all wrong but money wise i believe I am on point.

  11. We know there are changes that need to be made, we will be evaluating a number of different formats for next year, hopefully you will be happy with the one we chose.

  12. Really the only thing you could possibly do is look up the players limit teams to a certain number of elite players or gold players. To play in lower division no more then 3 gold players or 2 elite players. If your team has more then allowed players you player uppers no questions asked. Because you can go off of team names. But let’s just say someone puts a team in as 22 below or plumbers. But they just wanted to use the name. Because of the name I will be put in uppers. Limit the players and see what happens. 2 or 3 players can help a team but don’t make the whole team

  13. that is basically what we did with the Women’s division this year, we’ll see how it works.

  14. The Gold and Silver teams have been the lower division for the last 5 years. I’m not sure how you consider that dropping down. Normally we have had 5 or 6 Elite teams and several Gold teams would play up in the Upper division, just as two did this year.

  15. Why allow the NSA gold teams (Team Ambush, Melvilles, TSPP, Aftershock, FLO’s, C/Eh, Big Stick Shooter AKA Crazy Horse) play lower?? You allow these teams to drop down then wonder why the Upper has only 4teams!

  16. Tournament went very smoothly I felt. Got to watch a couple of awesome games in the uppers 22/HB put on a good show!! Its unfortunate Street Kids won the lower, but I am already looking forward to the changes next year!

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