KAAF Board

Current Board Members and their years of service to the community.

Ed Stewart- President- (member since 1990, 27 years of service)

Laurie Jarski- Vice President- (member since 2011, 6 years of service)

Kenda Wakeland-Secretary/Treasurer- (member since 1993, 24 years of service)

Steve Wiley- (Past President, member since 1989, 28 years of service)

Ron Kiracofe- (member since 1988, 29 years of service)

Terry Brockelbank- (member since 1989, 28 years of service)

Matt Lavender- (member since 1999, 18 years of service)

Terry Patesel- (member since 1998, 19 years of service)

Tim Gleeson- (member since 2009, 8 years of service)

April Lesicki- (member since 2009, 8 years of service)

Chuck Landis- (member since 2010, 7 years of service)

Tim Medema Р(member since 2015, 2 year of service)




KAAF Board — 2 Comments

  1. We, the family of Harold “Bud” Vanderberg, would like to thank the KAAF board for the beautiful flower arrangement sent in his honor and memory. Unfortunately, we did not receive information regarding where to send our appreciation, hence this communication. Please inform the appropriate individuals of our appreciation. Bud always spoke highly of his association with your organization and it’s members. Thank you.
    Karen and Bill McNulty

  2. sorry for the delay in replying to your message, there is no need to send any further communications, I will share this message with the KAAF Board. I joined the Board shortly before Bud retired from the Board but we meet many times at the Bingo Hall and the Girls World Series , the Softball World will miss him.

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