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 The purpose of Kalamazoo Amateur Athletic Federation is the promotion of amateur athletics in the Kalamazoo area by such means as providing playing opportunities, raising funds for improvements, supporting improvement of athletic facilities with the City of Kalamazoo Parks and Recreation Department, and sponsoring scholarships to students within the City of Kalamazoo. Since 2000 the KAAF has funded over $96,000 worth of improvements to the fields at Versluis/Dickinson. KAAF also sponsors and promotes several tournaments  and Fall league softball every year at Versluis/Dickinson Park.

 KAAF has 17 members and meets the third Monday of every month. Membership is open to any person actively involved with amateur athletics at any level in the Kalamazoo area. The e-mail address is KAAFFederation@aol.com.


About KAAF — 2 Comments

  1. would be great if you guys added stuff about the old KIT, back when real softball was still played in K-zoo

  2. Well Joe everyone has their own opinion, I asked the Board members about information on the KIT years back and there is very little information available. As memory serves the KIT hasn’t been played since the early 80’s and there are none of the KIT Tournament Directors still around. If you have any tournament fliers or other information and would like to share I would be happy to put the info up on the website.

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